Marras Mills, since 1928. Explore the journey and evolution of our company over the years, from its foundation to the present day.


In 1928, the trailblazer Konstantinos Marras founded the first flour mill in Angelokastro, Corinth, marking the commencement of a business tradition that would endure.


During the Second World War in 1944, his enterprise suffered total destruction.


Three years later, in 1947, his son, Nikos Marras, resurrected the flour mill.


In 1958, Nikos Marras transformed the mill into a roller mill.


In 1968, in collaboration with his brother Pantelis Marras, they established the new factory in Corinth. Situated at the 90th kilometer of the Old National Road Athens-Patras on a privately-owned plot of 7 acres, these facilities represent the modern and pioneering phase of the company's evolution.


Adapting continuously to technological advancements in the industry, the Marras Mills are currently in a new phase of expansion. With investments extending the proprietary facilities to a total of 29 acres, two state-of-the-art mills for soft and hard wheat have been put into operation, boasting a total milling capacity of 480 tons/24 hours. These are complemented by storage spaces for flour with a capacity of 680 tons and silos for storing grains with a capacity of 30,000 tons.

Looking towards the future,
with respect for the past.