Sustainable Development


Discover our initiatives for sustainable development. We combine innovation and social responsibility for a better tomorrow.

In MARRAS MILLS, from 1928 until today, we are dedicated to the high and consistent quality of our products and services to meet the most demanding professional needs. With respect, responsibility, and honesty, we have been moving forward over the years with our people, on the journey of continuous improvement of our company.

Faithful to our values and philosophy, we managed to mitigate the impacts of the market recession on our activities during the economic crisis we went through. At the same time, we maintained and even increased employment positions.

In the context of the continuous improvement and evolution of our company, a reassessment of its structures and functions was completed in mid-2018. Through the SWOT analysis, strengths and weaknesses were identified, along with opportunities and threats in the highly competitive environment in which it operates.

One of the main threats is the increasing pressures of the ecological crisis, to which we are called to respond promptly, now systematically applying the model of Sustainable Development.

Environmental Protection, Social Justice and Solidarity, and Economic Prosperity will be the main pillars of our Strategy and will be reflected in our Vision and Mission, in both our long-term and short-term goals, to ensure the continuous developmental path of MARRAS MILLS towards a sustainable future for the next generations.

In our short-term strategic priorities, to which our company will focus on in the next two years, includes the development and implementation of the GRI Standards so that our growth and prosperity leave a positive impact on the environment, society, and the economy.

According to GRI's requirements for sustainable development, MARRAS BROS FLOUR MILLS SA is committed to establishing and implementing the following:

Environmental Management Policy

• Continuous monitoring of the environmental impact of the company's activities and taking preventive measures to reduce these impacts.

• Setting measurable goals and corresponding programs for continuous improvement of the company's environmental performance.

• Regular communication with all stakeholders - employees, suppliers, collaborators, local community, businesses with similar, related, or complementary interests - on environmental issues that affect the entire spectrum of the company's activities, with the aim of evaluating all relevant environmental data and raising awareness on environmental management issues.

• Rational use of natural resources.

• Systematic recycling of waste and refuse in collaboration with certified waste management companies.

• Implementation of dry cleaning technologies with zero production of liquid waste.

• Efficient use of energy in the company's production processes.

• Reduction of disturbances in the local communities in which we operate.

Human Resources Policy

The human resources of MARRAS BROS FLOUR MILLS SA are the most crucial factor in the company's successful journey. We strive for each employee to feel part of a family, a collective with common goals, imbued with a team spirit, and constantly promoting a sense of collaboration. For this reason, special emphasis is placed on fair treatment, mutual respect, mutual trust, and the uniqueness of each employee.

Management objectives include:

• Ensuring and continuously improving conditions that guarantee the health and safety of employees and all those involved in the value chain of our company.

• Zero occupational accidents and raising awareness of everyone on safety issues in the workplace.

• Continuous training for the development of skills and improvement of their work quality, as well as the practices they need to follow to remain safe in a work environment that prioritizes health (providing and mandatory use of Personal Protective Equipment, information on safe work execution procedures, and potential risks related to hazardous situations that may arise).

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

Our fundamental principle is our concern for the local and broader community. Our success depends on the trust and support of the local community. It is important to understand social needs and expectations and participate in actions that satisfy these needs.

The Management of MARRAS BROS FLOUR MILLS SA, as part of its Corporate Responsibility program, commits to the following:

• Collaboration with our social partners to support vulnerable groups and those in genuine need.

• Promotion and support of actions aimed at relieving less privileged social groups.

• Priority given to the local community in job positions.

• Support for local entities and organizations in various needs they may have.

• Establishment of infrastructure and contribution to economic development.


Marras N. Theofanis

Chief Executive Officer